Partnership with Parents

Parent Communication

Newsletter - Our newsletter is published fortnightly and distributed to families via our students which receive the newsletter every second Thursday in Home Group. Families can request a emailed copy of the newsletter to be forwarded through by contacting the office or alternatively, download a copy of the newsletter from this website by clicking on the Newsletter link. 

Parent/Teacher Interviews - Parent/Teacher Interviews are held at the end of Term 1 and at the end of Term 3. Interviews are held during the afternoon/evening from 4.00pm to 7:00pm.

Reporting - Reports are distributed to parents at the end of each semester.
SPA (Student Preformance Average) Reports - SPA reports are distributed three times per semester.
The SPA report is a measure of how well a student is achieving across four performance areas:
1. Personal Achievement is the standard achieved in work completed.
2. Productive use of class time indicates the degree of work undertaken in class.
3. Effort and Attitude is a measure of the student’s approach to classwork and activities.
4. Manages Personal Learning is a measure of a student’s ability to work independently, complete homework and bring appropriate equipment to class.
Attendance, for each class, is also listed and can be compared to the Overall Semester Attendance. This helps you to compare your child’s absences from classes for extracurricular actives such as sports, production, community service, music lessons, work or VET studies.
Communicating with Home - If any information needs to be passed on to the school we ask that parents write a note to be given to your student's Home Group teacher or the office, alternatively please contact the school office by phone on 03 5866 2331.
Home Group teachers should be the first port of call for parents with minor issues regarding their children. Families should receive a phone call each term from their child's homeroom teacher to discuss progress and concerns.
The Principal, Assistant Principal, Welfare, VCE Coordinator and Office will also contact home when appropriate or if required.