Nathalia Secondary College

Emergency Management Plan

Code Red/Catastrophic Days

On Code Red/Catastrophic days Nathalia Secondary College and Nathalia Primary School will be open. Our schools are not considered to be in high risk areas.

On Code Red/Catastrophic days our school buses pass through areas that are considered to be high risk. School buses will not operate on these days.

On a day that is declared Code Red/Catastrophic the following applies:

1. Enact your Bushfire Survival Plan – part of this is your responsibility to listen for the declaration of Code Red/Catastrophic days. This will normally happen a few days in advance but you need to be continually listening for updates through weather forecasts on the TV, radio or appropriate websites.

2. Our schools will be open as usual for students who do not rely on bus transport.

3. School buses will not run.

School Fire Evacuation

In the event of a fire at Nathalia Secondary College or threatening our school our first evacuation point is on the school oval to the south of the school buildings and our second evacuation point is at the Nathalia Community Centre.

Flood Plan

In the event of a flash flood, all students will move in their home groups to the Nathalia Community Centre and be kept supervised by school staff until parents sign the students into their care.

Lockdown Plan

In the event of an intruder in the school who may pose a risk to students, a lockdown will be activated and all students will be locked within the school until the danger has passed.

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