Nathalia Secondary College

Mobile Phone Policy

The College accepts that the use of mobile phones by staff and students is an integral aspect of everyday life.  Therefore the College acknowledges that staff and students bring mobile phones to school.  However, the College will not take any responsibility for loss or damage of mobile phones.

The Personal Responsibility Policy requires that we all respect the personal property and rights of others. Therefore mobile phones will be treated in the same manner as all other personal items that students bring to school.

*Due to the value of mobile phones, students are discouraged from bringing them and other valuable, personal items to school.




Parents are expected to contact the college office if there are sensitive messages (such as bereavement or serious illness) that need to be conveyed to students. These messages will be passed on by the School Welfare Coordinator or other senior staff if the message is potentially distressing.

In-phone cameras or recording features of phones can only be used as part of the educational program and have consent from the relevant personnel ie. Teacher, principal, student, parent.

Students who use their phone irresponsibly can have their phone confiscated.

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