Nathalia Secondary College


Prinicpal John Sciacca
Assistant Principal Helen Ginnivan
Teaching Staff Chris Barnard
  Rob Brown
  Deanne Dewar
  Judy Fry
  Sue Heberle
  Jessica Kay
  Bronwyn Leslie
  Laura Rainbow
  Daniel Robinson
  Alan Sage
  David Scadden
  Nick Tarnay
  Jack Tynan
  Kale Watkins
  Marlene West
  Dan Williams
Support Staff Debbie Bailey
  Elise Brown
  Meagan Caldwell
  Aaron Dove
  Leanne Halden
  Fran Hawks
  Tracy Hobbs
  Paul Maloney
  Ned Nihill
  Narelle Schreenan
  Paul Slattery




Our Vision
To develop a community of lifelong learners in a safe and supportive environment.
Call us on 03 5866 2331Send us an email at Us: PO BOX 42 | 41 Chapel St Nathalia VIC 3638Like us on Facebook