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Each year, all students at Nathalia Secondary College are encouraged to complete a career action plan and engage in a range of career development activities.

These have greater prominence as students enter Year 10 and begin making subject choices around their areas of career interest. Students also engage in a range of Beacon activities, intended to build motivation for education, training and career pathways development.

Year 10

Students complete a term unit of Careers Education in which they prepare a resume folder, which will be progressively added to until the end of Year 12. They also work extensively on choosing and preparing for a career. During this term students are encouraged to apply for at least two work experience placements.

Work Experience: We have two weeks set in the program for Year 10 work experience. They are the last week of term two and week 9 of term four. However, students are encouraged to do extra work experience if they want to as long as it fits in with their program.

Year 11

Work Experience Program: Students have the opportunity to do an ongoing, one day a week work experience placement. This would generally be part of a VCAL program. In some cases this might become a Part Time New Apprenticeship to be completed over the two years of the VCE/VCAL. Other Year 11 students have the opportunity of doing a short term work experience placement where it fits in with their program.

Year 12

Some students will continue with their ongoing work experience program to complete a Part Time Apprenticeship. All students will be helped with VTAC course selection process in term three and be provided with career guidance where necessary. All students Resume Folder will be checked to ensure they are up to date with current resume and work experience reports.

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Sue Heberle
Careers Coordinator


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