Nathalia Secondary College

Home Group System

At Nathalia Secondary College students are allocated to a Home Group. The Home Group consists of up to 26 students from each level in the school. This system allows the students to develop a close bond with students from all year levels. Each Home Group has a Home Group teacher. The Home Group teachers work with each student to develop an individual student management plan. This plan is based around student goals and interest.


Currently the Home Group system is divided into three houses Broken (Blue), Goulburn (Red) and Murray (White) then within each house there are two Home Group, known as B1, B2, G1, G2, M1 and M2.


Students start each day in Home Group where they get the morning messages and have the roll marked. Once a week the students participate in a Home Group lesson. This is where students develop goals, discuss learning models, play games of interest and can have competitions with other Home Groups.

Our Vision
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