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Vocational Education and Training (VET)

What is a VET subject?

VET subjects are substantially different from other VCE subjects in that success is achieved by demonstrating the ability to do the required tasks. This is called competency-based learning and is the basis of all TAFE courses. VET subjects are industry specific training. Students gain a nationally recognized certificate as well as their VCE or VCAL.

Recent changes to the VCE mean that some VET subjects now operate the same as any other VCE subject in terms of selection rules and Unit 1-4 status.

  • VCE/VET subjects will contribute as Unit 3-4 sequences in meeting VCE rules and have scored assessments including exams.
  • Some VET/VCE subjects have certain requirements and students must check all these details.
Some VET subjects continue to contribute to the ATAR as a fifth or sixth subject and score 10% of the average of the best four subjects.


Why choose a VET subject in your VCE course?

As preparation for employment
As preparation for further TAFE study
As preparation for University study
External Providers do charge for supervision and delivery of their part of the course. As a result of this external provision, VET subjects are provided for outside of the normal school fee structure of the College. These external fees are covered by Students/Parents.
Even more options
Students who have other firm career ideas with TAFE qualifications as the key should register their interest with the VCE coordinator as there are 11 more VET in schools subjects accredited in the VCE and dozens of TAFE certificates which may be available via some form of flexible delivery.
All VET subjects now contribute to the VCE requirement of satisfactory completion and Year 12 VCE/VET courses can count toward study scores.
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