Nathalia Secondary College

Assessment & Reporting Policy


1.1       To evaluate student performance in terms of clearly defined goals.
1.2       To report on student performance to students and parents in a way that aids the learning process and in such a way that students are encouraged to reach their potential.
1.3       To report on student achievement to parents against the CSF modes and strands that comprise the school’s curriculum.
2.1       Goals based work requirements should be clearly defined and understood by students.
2.2       Work requirements should be varied and consist of tasks that form an essential part of the learning process.
2.3       Assessment should be varied, recognising that individuals perform differently, employ a variety of appropriate strategies and take into account all modes of learning.
2.4       Assessment and reporting should assist students in evaluating their performances and in the diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggesting strategies for improvement.
2.5       Assessment should enable recognition of achievements of excellence and the reports should make specific mention of these.
2.6       Numeracy and literacy profiles should be built into the assessment and reporting process.
2.7       CSF levels and measurement of student achievement against the CSF modes and strands should be clearly understood.
3.1       Teachers will establish, through unit descriptions and negotiations with students, clear and varied work requirements and assessment processes.
3.2       Teachers will continually assess students and report strengths and weaknesses, clearly indicating whether a task has been satisfactorily completed or not, in a way that will facilitate improved performance.
3.3       The interim reporting process will consist of brief written reports and the opportunity for more detailed information at parent/teacher interviews.
3.4       Teachers will provide clear and comprehensive written reports at the end of units.
3.5       Teachers will indicate to students that satisfactory completion of all work requirements is necessary to complete the unit.
3.6       As part of the reporting process, teachers will clearly indicate what action is necessary to enhance student learning.
3.7       Teachers will report on specifics as well as overall achievements of excellence.
3.8       Teachers will establish a network of communication between classroom teachers, homeroom teachers, Student Welfare Coordinator, parents, students and other appropriate people to ensure that difficulties are dealt with efficiently and effectively.
3.9       Teachers will refer to the work requirements and assessment processes, (communicated to students at the beginning of each unit), on the formal, end of unit report.
3.10     Teachers will make on-balance judgments against the CSF modes and strands that comprise the school’s curriculum, when reporting to parents against the levels of the CSF.
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