Nathalia Secondary College


School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

The SWPBS  is a framework designed to promote and maintain a learning environment that is productive, safe and affirming of a child’s educational development, their achievements and their positive behavioural outcomes.

Our Objective

At Nathalia Secondary College, the primary aim of SWPBS is to improve the educational opportunities and outcomes for our students through the further enhancement of our positive learning environment. This will be achieved through a whole-school approach which defines, teaches, and supports appropriate behaviours for all.

Expected Behaviours

Behavioural expectations apply to each and every member of the Nathalia Secondary College community.  Our core expected behaviours apply not only in the classroom setting, but outside the classroom and in the wider community.

We use activities and lessons which identify and define a matrix expectation, discuss and model it, practice it, monitor and re-teach it if necessary.

Reward and Recognition (Commendations)

The SWPBS team at Nathalia Secondary College believe that enhanced learning outcomes are the beneficiary of a student’s commitment to engaging in the agreed positive behaviours.

This model will allow the college to collect information on student achievement and positive behaviour, informing our decision to acknowledge those students who best reflect the SWPBS philosophy through behavioural and extra curricula achievements.


Click the following link to see Nathalia Secondary College's Expected Behaviour Matrix and Commendation System

Our Vision
Inspiring successful and passionate learners.
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