ANZAC Day commemorations

On Friday the 26th April, in honour of ANZAC Day, we held a whole school assembly, along with the 5/6 students from Nathalia Primary, and our distinguished guests from the RSL, Loula Oliver & Estelle Chalker. It is a privilege to be able to hold such events, to pay our respects the service men & women, and their families, who have sacrificed a great deal for the peace we enjoy today.

Our College Leaders, Caleb, Nikki, DJ & Cheyenne conducted the ceremonies, who showed great leadership speaking eloquently about the meaning of ANZAC Day and what it means to us today.

To commemorate the occasion, students from both schools took part in a writing competition, with the winners presented a prize from Loula on behalf of the RSL sub branch. The winners were Rylen from the 7/8 cohort, Lainiel from the 9/10 cohort, Cassie A and Quade C from the Nathalia Primary School.

Mr Robinson and Nikki also attended the dawn service held in Nathalia, laying a wreath on behalf of the college to acknowledge the dedication of those who have served.

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